PPals Saturday July 23

Hi Pals!

My youngest son is on a capybara craze, so we can look to the capybara for ways to stay cool. Or snuggle with one to get warm. And the ducks are exercising—see, I tied it into fitness. The water is a little begrimed with duck muck and capybara c***. The little zoological garden in our city used to have capybaras. Is there an exotic pet you’d like to have?

I would like one that doesn’t shed or poop. That is very exotic.

Fitness? I’m doing the new UB resistance bands and a K yoga ball routine. Swim in the evening.

Food? I think it’s a breakfast for dinner. I need to play with my buckwheat flour more.

Fur friends? I was able to get close enough to momma wildcat to touch her (I didn’t), and she didn’t hiss at me. Progress. Galahad gazes longingly out the window at her.

Fun? I hope everyone find a way to make a little fun and unleash their inner child.

Is there a word for garden that starts with f? Forage?

Lots of pals we haven’t heard from in a while. Thinking of you!

Have a good day!

PS Is anyone available to host next Saturday? We have an anniversary coming up, and we are talking about camping.