Improvements from Your Feedback

Hello Blenders,
If you’ve been with us awhile, you know how important your feedback is to us. Constructive criticism helps us stay on track with what you all want as part of the Fitness Blender family. Thank you for all the kudos, as well as the tough love. We did our best to revisit as many of your requests as possible and hope you like this next round of updates.

Actions Menu
We adjusted the visibility and positioning of the actions menu so it is easier to find. This is where you can mark a workout as a favorite, find similar, add to a routine, etc., with more actions to come in the future (thus the need for a menu like this).

Add to Calendar
We pulled Add to Calendar back out of the new action menu so you can access it with one click for easy scheduling. Scheduling is the most heavily used feature on the site so we agree that keeping calendar functionality at your fingertips is critical.

Now when you show or hide the calories, the system will remember your choice automatically. So, if you prefer a more intuitive approach to fitness, select the icon to hide the calories and they will stay hidden across all other workouts unless you select to show them again. Same for making them visible.

Workout Complete
The new workout complete pop-up was designed for future capabilities for personalizing your experience on the site. As several members mentioned though, without those capabilities yet, it only added extra clicks in the flow. Now you can access your calendar, complete your day or program, and for Plus members, customize your workout, all from the complete pop-up.

Thank you all again for your feedback and support!

Brandon, Bryan (Engineering) and Josh (User Experience)