HKS (Healthy Kind Support) Accountability Group July 22nd 😏

hey all,

well no, it's not yet Sunday, but we are very close. As Ashley is travelling and we weren't able to find volunteers for today, I am starting the thread.

A pleasant day out here weather wise. Also day 1 of my attempt at getting back to a normal-ish routine, post summer break. not easy. Have an afternoon meeting and working (or trying hard to work) from home. My focus seems super unsteady at the moment. sigh 🤦‍♀️ but I am trying -making slides for teaching next month.

So, in place of a quote, here's today's question: On a scale from 1-10 how focused are you? Personally, my current answer would be that in the pic. normally, early mornings I am close to 8/9 and try and get a lot done in first 3 hours. then we commence the descend 🤣

Anyhoo, I might step out for a long walk this evening. In this summer break, I tried something. I wore my Fitbit as little as possible (normally I had it on even to track my sleep). Happy to report, I have left Fitbit back at my parents and no more miss it (except for time on my wrist). If you use any such gadget/tracker, how attached are you?

Note: We are still looking for volunteers to host us for next 2 Fridays -29 July & 5 August. So please let us know if you're interested.

That's about it from me folks. All are welcome in these daily threads (HKS, P Pals, Daily Check-ins). So please feel free to pop by and share.