From a nightmare to a dream come true

Hello FB Family!

It feels like a decade since I posted a community post. I just wanted to share a little something and maybe give hope to some of you who feel like they’re at their lowest at the moment. First half of this year was no good for me at all. Last year I got married thinking my life from that moment will only be sun and rainbow but all of that turned to a living hell within few moments. After my wedding day my now ex-husband started to act like a totally different person and it made me wondering what’s happened and why? I started losing weight from all that stress he was putting me through, started having panic and anxiety attacks again and could not sleep properly, nor focus at work on anything I was doing. I started getting not only emotionally and mentally but also physically weaker and I just could not continue anymore. I lost touch with majority of my friends because of him since he did not like me going out with them, I neglected my vast majority of my hobbies I truly loved and was constantly sad because my only route was work – “home” – grocery shopping. It got so bad that even my boss asked if I need some help or if the job itself isn’t too much for me (I’m a police officer). It was not that but I slowly started realising that I’m losing everything and most importantly – I’m losing my true happy and smiley ME. I had to seek some professional help only to realize the only person that could help me is me myself. I could not take any longer so I submitted a request for a divorce, packed all my stuff, moved out of our house and started living on my own.

It’s been a really hard start because I left everything I had behind but let me tell you – it was the best decision I’ve made in a very long time. I started regaining my self-confidence, started living life again and I started paying attention to what I want. I always dreamed of becoming an Aerobics instructor so I applied for a course which I successfully completed and am now a certified trainer. A friend of mine opened her own Fitness Studio and I have my own classes there and I could not be happier! I gained some weight again and I feel like I started living again. My friendships are stronger than before and it showed me how important friends and family are and how those you love love you back just as much and are always here to help you. My ex-husband is still trying to make my live miserable from time to time by sending some strange texts or spreading lies but I’m stronger than he thinks and I’m not letting that get me. It’s been a difficult half a year but I finally feel like tables have turned and life’s starting to be good again.

Just a brief massage here.. Do not let anyone drag you down! Life is already hard sometimes and we all have dreams to chase and life to live. There’s always a rainbow after the rain so whatever you are going through right now – trust the process, everything will turn out good, I promise! Hard stuff in life is just a lesson you need to learn from and I’m cheering on you, you can do it!

Life is short, so live it to its fullest you beautiful creature! I’m sending hugs to whoever needs it. Be brave, make your dreams come true and love and put yourself first, you have to be your best friend and the biggest partner in crime. ♥