Today's Harvest!

Hi folks! It's been months since I've been here. Life is just happening and even though my spirits have been on a roller coaster for many reasons, I am keeping busy with gardening, frisbee golf, bocchi ball, kayaking, fishing and all the demands of work, being a Mom and wife. So lots of movement happening over here without actually completing a workout. And let me tell you, I don't use a hose to water my hanging baskets, planters or garden which gets me 1000s of steps, some moderate lifting and stretching and a good cardio workout because my yard is all rolling hills/slopes. And it's a great way to keep our two dogs fit too since they are on my heels everywhere I go. Lol! Now to the picture! My garden was real busy while we were beaching it for four days. This is what I came home to! So cumcumber salad and tacos were on the dinner menu😋