Perspiration Pals (P Pals) 19 July 😴

Hey there lovely pals,

How are you doing today?

I'm in the last leg of my trip back to Norway and currently at Copenhagen airport. So far, 25 hrs, 3 flights, one short 3 hour transit hotel stay later, a wait of couple of more hours, then 1.5 hr flight + cab home. I'm so exhausted. Midnight while I was transiting through Dubai airport I did try to find a meme for you all, but couldn't. So here's what we can do, why not just post a meme that best matches your mood with your check in today? Or just a meme and we'll get it too!

Forgot to add, just settled in waiting area with mocha & pain au chocolat. Now this feels like I'm back in my territory!

That's about it from me. Can't wait to see how lil fur baby is doing.

Have a fine day folks xx