3 years of FB - NSV

I have been a member of Fitnessblender since 2016, but have been working out consistently since july 2019. I was thinking about how annoying it is that this does not show on the scale. Then I went through my pictures and found a pic from 2019 and was actually shocked to see myself. I have the same clothes still, so I put them on and took a picture. (Yes, I could have smiled, but that is hard wit selfies). I think I lost max 5 kg in those 3 years, but my physique has definetly changed.

I do FB workouts 4 times a week (used to be 6), yoga once a week and I go bouldering twice a week.

Happy with the progress, not just on appearance, but mostly on strength and confidence.

Strength: 3 years ago, reverse fly was difficult with just bodyweight, I use 2.5 kg (5.5 Lbs) now.

Confidence: wore shorts today, no thigh rub and felt good. I also just wave now without being overly consious about my arms.

I am focussing more on food nowadays, hoping to see even more changes next year.

Keep moving, do exercises you enjoy, celebrate what your body can do.