Weekend Check In: Sun, June 26

Hello beautiful Blendfriends! Welcome to Sunday, the last day of weekend, also aka self care day!

How's it going blendiez? Hope it's going well!

I have avocado tree for you today. All the credit for this generous tree goes to hubby. This year it's, as you can see if you zoom, promising us lots of guacamole😋😊😍. Our mango tree didn't give any fruits this year! We have a saying that trees get mad when you trim them too short(we did) and don't give you any fruits, for revenge😂. I don't see trees as that "grudge holders", right? It has to have another good reason🙂. Anyways, no mango but lots of avocado this summer(less sugar, more 'good fat')🤗

But we're also here for another good reasons other than caring about some blendfriend's trees🙄! Workouts, real foods, mindfullness and things like that. So, tell us, are you working out today? Or resting perhaps? Maybe something in the middle? As for myself, it's a rest day for me unless I tack a relaxing yoga with Kassandra later. I'm excited to start KB challenge tomorrow. Are you starting a new program or challenge?

What about foods? Any cooking, baking, grilling or putting together things, going on? I'm off from kitchen today but hubs' air frying fish for us. Can't wait😋

OK, that's "enough outta me" for now. Hope to hear from you and get inspired, learn and/or get hungry, reading your. Thank you so much for checking in with me this weekend guys. Tomorrow our sweet n lovely host, Kim will be back to bring back her brilliance and her beautiful photos!

Take care guys and don't forget to do something for yourself today even if it's as little as 5 min breathing mindfully!

Also, thanks for reminding us yesterday Ingeborg:

**Happy birthday to our one n only adventures Lea🎉🎉🥂💛**