HKS (Healthy Kind Support) Accountability Group, June 26

Hey there sweet folks,

Here we are, another Sunday edition of HKS thread. How are we doing today?

I'm at my parents', it's 3 in the afternoon and I'm thinking about a real quick nap. Earlier in the day, I completed Day 10 of Fit3 with HIIT - Core workout with both K&D. Hadn't done this one before. Post that I had 3 hours of theory session for my driving lessons 🤯 Think I earned that nap 😴

For today's quote, I thought about what I'd like to do more of in each day, and then it occurred to me that I'd like to slow down a bit. How about you? What would you like to do more of in each day?

Shout-out to Storm -just saying hi!

That's about it from me today, pals. We welcome everyone in these threads. Please feel free to pop by.