Weekend Check In: Sat, June 25

Good morning or evening or somewhere in the middle beautiful Blendfriends!

I hope this post finds you just well.

I didn't have a new phoro, so I'm sharing an old one. I hope this light purple flower with rain drops warms your eyes up😍

So, how's it going with those workouts? If you're like me, starting your plans on Mondays, you'd have a recovery routine. But you might not be. So, please share your calendar or your spontaneous decision on what kind of movements you'll be doing (you did) today. I've been free-styling this week and I'm gonna finish it up with a nice long stretches right after this post. I'm thinking Daniel's new UB stretch and adding some LB ones to it. I hope whatever you do including nothingness as Lea'd say, you enjoy!

What about those delish, yummy, edible items called foods? Please share those too and make us all hungry. I'm thinking to cook something more traditional for today but I haven't decided what it would be yet! I hope you're more prep than I am😁

That's all from me so far. Please feel free to also talk life, trips, adventures, odds, photos, or anything you'd like to talk about. Can't wait to read y'all. Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing!

Ghost Shabnam here and I wish you a nice Saturday. Take care blenderbuddiez💛