PPALS- Saturday June 24 🦩🏋️‍♀️🍦

KB and his flamingo babes are here to offer you a happy (late) Solistice.

In the spirit of summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), care to share your favorite ice cream flavor? Chocolate and crunchy for me. Most unusual flavor you’ve tried?

Depends on what you call unusual? Licorice, spumoni, purple yam, mango and chili. I’m like KB and his flamingo babes; I like them all.

Fitness? What kind of workout are you doing? Playing with any of KB’s friends? Chillin with Marina? I have a yoga scheduled, but I’m having a hard time making time for stretching.

Fun? Family? Food? Furry friends?

Speaking of furry friends, not you KB despite your mullet, in the comments is a picture of the kittens. Yes, the patio is a mess because it’s rained and I haven’t swept. Forgive me and please don’t judge.

I’m looking for names for these wildcats. I’m thinking of shadow for the mom because she skulks a lot. The kittens run like the wind. I don’t know how they go so fast on their little legs. I’m wondering about wind names for them. Suggestions? Or maybe you’d rather name the flamingo babes?

PPals is always looking for new pals. Feel welcome to share. If today is too weird for you, check back in later.