Daily Check-in: Thursday, June 23rd

Hey everyone, and welcome to Friday Eve. Any good feelings about that?

Surely we do when it comes to guest hosting (ghosting) the weekend! Let's get excited and have a look at the schedule:

This weekend, June 25th & 26th: Shabnam

July 2nd & 3rd: Ingeborg

July 9th & 10th: Coby

July 16th & 17th: ????

Thanks so much, guys! And if anyone would ever like to try ghosting, just let me or Kim know and we will certainly have you up here!

Okay, so what are we going to do about these workouts and food? We could just stare at them, but at some point we might need to move and chomp. So let me know how that goes and is going for you today. If it's not going that's okay too. ..I'd like try out some more yoga with Marina. And as far as food, it still borders around no clue. Something with turkey perhaps.

And to continue the doggy days of Summer week, let's take some pointers from Hydro on how to stay cool during these hot weather times. Apparently mud is the answer. He has combined his two favorite things, water and digging, and is absolutely thrilled. And then he will come up next to you and unapologeticly shake, spreading the muddy love.🤎🐾

Okay, that's all I have for now. The ever growing list of stuff and things awaits. Have a good one and few, Blendiez!




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