FB Complete Day 11 & some thoughts

Yesterday I completed day 11 after taking a few weeks off to move. It was supposed to be an upper body routine, but my lower body is toast as well!! There were cardio intervals in between the upper body lifting, which there were tons of squats and lunges so it ended up being a pretty great total body workout! I ate healthy and drank lots of water yesterday so I got through it swimmingly. Eating good food makes SUCH a difference!! It's crazy.

I think I am in a place where I can get back to every other day routine and get this program done in a reasonable amount of time, and actually see my health improve. I have been making an effort to cook at home with lots of fresh produce and greenery and hoping that makes a difference in my performance and digestion. I've been SO out of wack, eating fast food on the regular during moving, and I need to get my lifestyle back in order. Feeling so discouraged and having a lot of negative thoughts about my body :(

Moving really takes a toll on your health when you don't know where anything is, you have no groceries, butter, or condiments in the fridge, and you're constantly exhausted. Chasing an endless list of things to-do and to buy. Plus, our cat was extremely old and sick and my husband and I were taking turns having emotional breakdowns after we moved her. I just had zero energy to cook food or exercise. That was literally the last thing on my mind. And resulted in making bad food decisions and feeling even more terrible. I often felt like having the time to cook and exercise was a luxury. The days just go by so fast!! I have to be super intentional with my daily planner so I can fit the time in between 2 jobs. But it's so necessary in order to be able to manage the stress. It's kind of ironic!