Program Complete + My Workout & My Day

Hello everyone we are almost halfway through the week and the next two and a half days are going to be really busy for me around and away from the house, because I have two appointments this week. I'm hoping that my mom will be able to come to the appointment with me tomorrow instead of going to something else that will be boring, but before I forget to tell all of you I finally completed the program for FB Benchmark. So now that I'm all done with that I will be redoing the program FB Strong Round 2 because I'm mainly focusing on strength workouts at the moment to get myself back into shape again.

I finally got to go down to the river and swim since it's been a whole year since the last time I went swimming and it felt so nice it was definitely something that we needed after working in the yard this morning and getting hot. I think that we are going to be working out in the yard for one more day before I have to go back again to my dad's house, because of the two appointments that I have this week one tomorrow and one on Friday. Both are at different times but the one for tomorrow I have to go to it twice in one day and the one on Friday I only have to go to it once and that's it.