HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group June 15th

Good Wednesday morning Blendfriends! It is already the middle of the month and it it feels like the days are just a blur.

Today’s quote is about believing that anything is possible. You can believe in miracles or believe in your own power. Either way, your goals are within your reach. And I also chose today’s quote because cupcakes are delicious 😋😉

My goals today are to complete a core workout which I keep rescheduling and putting off, and to call the physiotherapy clinic and hopefully get an appointment soon for my ankle. I think I need professional help in this matter, because I cannot find anything online specific to the pain I am feeling on the outside towards the back.

Are you setting any goals today? The beauty about goals is that they can take any form, be big or small, take little effort or be more challenging, but realizing them is always rewarding. I believe in each of us to complete what we set out to do!

But the most important question today is: do you like cupcakes? 😁