HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group June 14th

Good Tuesday morning Blendfriends!

Please send some healing thoughts JorDee’s way, as we wish her a speedy recovery and short stay in the hospital.

Today’s quote is all about adapting to your circumstances and making the best of it. Am I disappointed that my ankle is hurting again and that I can’t enjoy the beautiful weather and go for a walk? Yes, I am. But I can still open the windows wide and let in the sunshine and fresh air. I can remind myself that Summer has not even begun yet and there will be other sunny days to go walk once I’m healed. And I can do other types of workouts. I just have to focus on the positive and move forward.

How will you make this a positive day? Are you planning to exercise or will this be a rest day? What activity will you do that brings you happiness? Whatever you do, enjoy a great day!