Perspiration Pals June 14th, 2022 🌝

hey there P Pals,

How are we doing this Tuesday? I am reporting from a very rainy day here ☔ This could just have been September and I couldn't tell the difference. rain, same same; pollen, also same same! 😈

A quick check-in as it is going to get busy in just a bit. but today is also a first for me, I will be going in for my first therapy session, and I am anxious.

Other than that, plan to start Fit 3 this evening. With all the travel coming up, let's see how long it will take to get this one done. But I am excited to going back to working out with mostly K&D like old times 😊

Lil fur baby is doing fine. I met with her vet yesterday (did not take Cookie along). They are now aware of my travel and situation and will help if needed. Plus got suggested a book when I said I really want to leash train lil fur baby: "The Trainable Cat".

That's about it from me & lil fur baby. Over to you, pals. Please know that we welcome everyone here -so pop by for a hello or just lurk! :)