HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group 12th June 😊

hey there sweet folks,

How are we doing this Sunday? I woke up later than usual and had an unhurried breakfast and coffee. It felt good to start the day that ways. It is a rainy day here, per usual!

I have only two things lined up for today -prepare and start bringing the house in order so that the house sitter can live in a clean nice place and two, for some self-care Sunday, I plan to stay away from screen -so maybe I will read something.

What are your self-care plans/activities for today? While self-care should be a routine, the weekday rush often may not allow us to do so. So, here's a reminder to pause, re-calibrate & rejuvenate yourself for the week to come.

I will be doing the last workout of Fit30 today, so hopefully will have a program complete this evening. It has taken me 10 weeks to complete this -the longest so far for any program/challenge of mine. Not happy about that. Been thinking about what I can do when I am at my parents' -should I buy a pair of dumbbells and try another program or do BW program -leaning towards the former. I haven't ever tried BW program/challenge and feel I will miss weights. Any thoughts?

That's about it from me & my fur baby today. I wish you all a slow and relaxed Sunday. We always welcome everyone in these threads -so please feel free to drop by and say hello :)

P.S. thinking about you, Storm & Mafe!