Ppal Sunday June 12, 2022💧🚰⛲

Happy Sunday Ppals!

I hope you all had fun helping Sharon name her bicycle.🚴‍♀️ She will have to let us know if she fancied any of our suggestions, so we'll know how to address her bicycle.

Now on to today's challenge! Yes I giving you another challenge making it a busy weekend for us Ppals. I am borrowing CK's idea because it is a good one. Since it is getting hotter for many of us in the Northern Hemisphere I challenge you to drink a little more water if you are not getting enough.💧 I usually carry a water bottle with me but I don't always use. So Sunday morning when I go for my walk on the hilly section of the trail I'll drink water instead of just carrying it.

On Saturday since I also cut my grass in addition going for a walk with a good hill I subbed in Amanda's 15 min pilates banded workout for the longer Kelli resistance band one that was scheduled for the strong challenge.

I realize my time sense is a little off since I am writing this late Saturday so I have to keep reminding myself not to refer to Sunday as tomorrow.

Sunday is my stretching/recovery day so I should be able to handle that plus a another hilly walk with water bottle in hand (I promise to use it while walking).

So please let us all know what you are up to today. Did you drink enough water? I hope so!