HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group June 11th🌸🌟

Good morning (or afternoon) dear Blendfriends, old and new! I'll just remind you that everyone's welcome to read and to post here. I've been a bit of a stranger this week, as it's been a pretty intense workweek. With all that's been going on, I have been quite looking forward to a nice Saturday. It won't be especially "slazy", as I am full of projects for the day, but for now I am sitting by an open window listening to birdsong while the laundry machine does all the work :) I once heard a radio show about the backbreaking work that women did in this province a couple generations back, when the trend was to huge families and of course there were no washing machines. I am forever grateful for all our mod cons, and for clothes that don't need to be ironed!

Today I've got total-body Pilates on the schedule, which should be fun! I haven't done this particular workout yet, but the style is a favorite. And, as Julia figured out yesterday, a run to the grocery store. I've been having fun pulling things from the freezer and pantry -- I made kalamata olive hummous yesterday. Unfortunately, bananas and milk are not forthcoming from the pantry, so I'll have to go get some 😅 On a cool but summery Saturday, my laundry will inevitably be followed by gardening. 🌱The tomatoes in my patio garden are growing fast, especially with all the rain we had this past week. I need to install the pretty cages my husband made for them. A couple years ago I couldn't find bamboo stakes for love or money, but I got a good deal on 1x1 wood (a good deal on wood -- unthinkable in 2022😮), and we built tomato cages out of that. They match the deck nicely. And of course my community garden plot is well advanced, but I might just go visit it anyway. Even just visiting, looking around to see what everyone has done, is a lovely moment in my day. And of course, to be enjoyed, gardens needn't be kitchen gardens like mine. I used to love just walking along the street and seeing what people had planted in front of their homes. In one neighborhood, a woman had a tiny garden, maybe 2x3 meters, but she had made it into a small work of art, so that I always looked forward to walking past, even if I was just headed to the gym or the grocery store. I especially remember the subtle shadings of saxifrage and creeping thyme, because they were vivid and alive when so many other lots on that street were mostly paved. I've included a picture of saxifrage above (CC BY David Crocker).

So, in honor of saxifrage and thyme, a quote from Victor Hugo: “A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in--what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.”

My wish for your Saturday is that you may all be refreshed by green and growing things all around you, and enjoy your day, whether it is a day for taking a good rest, or for rushing about... or why not both!