P Pals June 11th 🚴🌞

Hello Pals, I'll be your Saturday host again this week. After a pretty intense work week including travel, my own personal challenge is just to do a workout today 😆 I've got full-body Pilates on my calendar today, so obviously I'm on my way to those abs of steel!

It's a beautiful cool summer morning, and I've got loads of projects -- a failed batch of yoghurt that needs to be baked into yoghurt-lemon muffins, some bromeliad pups to transplant, and laundry, of course. Then if the gorgeous weather holds, I plan to bring out my faithful bicycle and run a few errands. I know Ivett is of the opinion that a faithful bicycle should have a name, but mine doesn't. Huh. Maybe that's our Saturday challenge! Name that bike 😆 It's a women's model, so probably ladies' names would be best, gender-neutral names also enjoyed.

And remember, all are welcome to read and post around here! Wishing you all a beautiful Saturday, look forward to reading you 👓