Weekend check-in. Saturday, June 11.

Hey guys!

It’s the weekend!! I couldn’t think of any topics or questions to ask so we are going to have a “whatever you want weekend!” Workouts, food, hobbies, travels, furry trainers, flowers, critters, water intake (that’s for me-since I’m trying to drink more/some water), etc. etc. You want to vent? We’ll listen and commiserate or cheer you on! So have at it Friendz!

Me? I’m going for whatever Day I’m on in Fusion. I haven’t looked at what “surprises” Tasha has in store for me today. I’m having to scale back and opt for low impact modifications, trying to let feet and self diagnosed Achilles tendinitis heal. (Achilles tendons we’re bulging - that’s an easy self diagnosis). I might add on a non-sweaty low impact cardio later in the day to break up the sedentary-ness that I’ve settled into.

Food: leftover chicken or leftover burgers hubs grilled last night.

That’s it for me guys!

Have a smashingly satisfying Saturday!

Pic: latest quilt gifted to a favorite coworker.