Perspiration Pals 10 June 2022 🦇🐛🚜

Hello Possums!

Somehow we've found ourselves in the hopefully not groan-inducing situation where I'm your Friday host. Is it even Friday? Well it is for me, but it's still last night in some parts of the world. And when the rest of you catch up, I'll be living in Saturday. So how does the future look? Wet. It has been raining all day. It has been raining for several days, and the weather forecast says more rain. Anybody want some water? Actually I much prefer cold and wet to hot and on fire. Maybe someone should invent a giant blender that we could put the all the weather in over, say, a 20 year period, blend it up, and come out with a comfy, moderate slurry.

Okie dokie, we'd better get down to business. Or don't - please chat about whatever you like. How are you? Are you working out today? What's on the menu? And do you have any animal pics you'd like to share? Or maybe you'd like to pop in and practice your French, share some programming code, or write your Oscar acceptance speech. I mean mostly we're here for fitness, but I'm ok with the weird.

It's a long weekend here - for everyone else. As I've complained about previously, my university doesn't give us state holidays off. So housemate has gone out of state for her sister's baby shower, and I have the car. And I only realised I didn't have Monday off after I planned a nice weekend away with Mr Sweetie. But we're going away anyway. Ha, take that bureaucrats! Tomorrow we'll drive a couple hours' inland, where it is much drier and won't be raining, go for a couple of nice nature walks, have lunch, see some trees and birdies, sniff the fresh air...and then before it gets dark hop back in the car and drive another couple of hours home because I don't have anyone to babysit the kids. If we're not too tired it's the same schedule for Sunday. And because I live in the future, my Saturday is when many of you will be checking in on Friday. So it might take me a couple of days to reply. Please chat amongst yourselves. I know you have it in you.

Ok darlings, I need to go prep for my weekend away. Mostly that means doing a grocery shop and batch cooking so we have something to eat for dinner when we get home tired. Pulled pork tacos with pineapple salsa sounds pretty good after a long day of driving, don't you think? Well I think so at least. But not everyone eats pork. You're all invited to dinner of course so if you can make it please let me know your dietary requirements ahead of time so I can be a good host and serve edible things.

As Ivett says, have an easy day Blenders!