Daily Check-in: Thursday, June 9th

Hello, Blendiez!

How are you all doing this morning/afternoon/evening?

I hope you're well!

We're already at Thursday, or Friday Eve as Miss Raven would say, so that means we gotta talk ghosting! Here's our current lineup:

June 11th & 12th: Karen

June 18th & 19th: Lea

Any weekend after the 18th & 19th is open! So, if you're interested in hosting, please speak up, and Raven or I will get you scheduled in--and thank you!

Okie dokie, friends, let's talk a bit about workouts today! What's happenin in that realm of things?

I've been playing a bit of mix-and-match with the Benchmark program this week. So I did a lower body routine with Kelli yesterday, and now today I'll do the upper body routine that I was supposed to originally do yesterday before I messed up the program. I have the choice of Amanda or Nicole, and I can't go wrong with either. I'm leaning more towards the Nicole one, just because I haven't done it yet!

And what are we refuelin with today, Blendiez? What's on the menu for today?

We're gonna have turkey spaghetti. I can't wait!

Finally: here's a continuation of "interesting critter week"! It's a White-Lined Sphinx Moth! Visiting my columbines. Let me tell ya, these guys are HARD to photograph. They literally never ever stop moving, and the only speed they have is supersonic.

And before I go, in case you're wondering, the baby chicks are doing great! We have 8 marans babies, and 1 dark cornish. I'll try to get an updated pic for ya'll before tomorrow!

Well, I think that's enough from me today!

Thank you all so much for checking in, and I hope you have a great day!

Take care!




***Note: These Daily Check-in posts are open to anyone and everyone who wishes to participate! All are welcome here! These check-ins are a way to stay motivated, accountable, and be supported as we all try to be our healthiest selves. Feel free to pop in and say 'hi' anytime, and post as much or as little as you wish! No prerequisites here! Feel free to add photos if you want as well! Whether you need advice about working out/eating well/life in general, just want to comment, or maybe need support during a hardship--we're here for you! So: Welcome to the FB Family, and to the Daily Check-ins! We appreciate you being here!***