HKS (Healthy, Kind, Support) Accountability Group June 9th

Hello everyone.

A quick start of the thread as I'll be socializing (😨) soon.

"When people are down, they don't want to hear "Cheer up!". Pushing them to be positive invalidates their emotions. They don't want to be told how to feel. They want to know you care about how they feel. The goal isn't always to feel better. Sometimes it's just to be understood." - Adam Grant

I like this quote because I sometimes encounter this situation with a friend, though it's more him giving advice in order to make the situation better, while I just want someone to understand I'm feeling low, without trying to come to the rescue. I think on this community there is room for those emotions, and that is great! I posted this mainly as a reminder: you are allowed to feel what you feel without people trying to breeze past it, even though their intentions are sincere. I have told my friend, I know you want to help, but sometimes I just want to vent a little.

What are your plans today? As I experienced yesterday (again), try to listen to what your current body needs. Please don't fall into the trap of "But I could do that last year/month/week!". You don't have to compete with yourself all the time.

Hope you have a tranquil day!

PS Picture of cleavers climbing up on other plants. Do you know this plant? It's kind of a fun one.