HKS (Healthy, Kind, Support) Accountability Group June 8th

Good morning my fellow Blenders!

“A walk in nature, walks the soul back home.” - Mary Davis

I chose this quote, because many HKS participants enjoy a good walk 🙂 I personally do quickly feel the effects of a walk on my body and mind. It does lift my mood, it can reduce pain, it gets my thoughts flowing. Therefore I also love active nature holidays. As contradictory as it sounds, my mind feels the most relaxed and holiday-ed after those. My feet might complain though. 😉

So if you're not having the best day (after all, it's Wednesday, the 2nd most unpopular day of the week 😉), think of having a nice 20min walk before or to work today.

Due to some health issues I'm having, my body didn't really let me sleep this night. I maybe got in 3 hrs in the end. I had yoga planned, but I will turn this day into another rest day. I have a libanese cooking class planned with a friend this late afternoon after work, and although I don't feel super fresh, I'm looking forward to it. We booked two more with the same instructor that will take place over the year, so I hope this first one will be fun 😊

What's your plan for today? What does your workout schedule say? Something fancy for food? Please share with me, and please remember that everyone is welcome to read and/or post here!