Daily Check-in: Tuesday, June 7th

Hello, Blendfriendz!

How are you today?

I hope you're well!

I'm a bit tired today, but good! Hubby and I busted our butts gettin housework and chores done yesterday, so I'm beat. But in a good way! I feel like we accomplished a lot!

I was also hoping to bring you the little surprises today, but I'm afeared you'll have to wait until tomorrow. They are a little behind schedule!

Anywho, let's talk some workouts today, shall we? What's happening with workouts today, Blendiez?

I have not checked my calendar yet to see what's scheduled. But yesterday I chose to do Tasha's one dumbbell lower body routine--and man, is that a killer! Do you guys find yourself almost getting addicted to Tasha's workouts? You read the write-ups, and think "This sounds pretty doable"; then you get into the workout, and you're absolutely pouring sweat, and gasping for air? Almost like a surprise butt kicking? Gotta say, I think I love it, and I think I'm a bit of a Tasha addict. I also often feel like the cardio moves in her routines are things you'd do as a kid on the playground. Where you'd challenge each other with fun little physical challenges of running or jumping or just make up weird moves, and be like: "I bet you can't do this!" "Oh yeah?! I bet I can do that for a MINUTE straight!" "Well, I can do it for TWO minutes!". And before you know it, that play has turned into a rather strenuous exercise? (Though as a kid, you had boundless energy and didn't recognize it as 'exercise'.) That's how Tasha workouts feel to me. Like, they're almost play turned into exercise. And I suppose that's a long-winded way of saying that they're fun.

Alright, moving on!

What's on the menu for today, Blendiez?

We're having risotto! With peas and carrots and asparagus! I can hardly wait!

Finally, here's our pic for this week's 'interesting critter week': Jabba the Hum! Sitting the deck railing, stick that tongue out. Perfect for a Tongue-Out Tuesday! And I want to thank you all for contributing to our interesting critter week yesterday! I'm sorry I didn't get to responding to you--hubby and I got carried away with working on stuff, and then I went to bed! Anywho, please feel free to add more interesting critter photos this week--I love seeing them, and I really appreciate you sharing!

Okie dokie, that's enough outta me!

Thank you all so much for checking in, and I hope you have a great day, Blendiez!

Take care!




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