Perspiration Pals 7th June 😊🌞

hey there P Pals,

How are we doing today? I am back to hosting Tuesdays for you. Thank you, CK for covering for me while I was away.

I have been told, my city is too shy to exhibit a bold summer and so we usually have a prolonged Spring (equally prolonged allergies but of course) and then directly slide into Autumn 😂 Yeah, no I am sorta laughing at what I got myself into, moving here -it is a bright sunshiny day (🎶) outside but when you actually step out, you'd want your jacket! ❄ Anyhoo, this also means the fight to adjust your blanket the whole night -the struggle is real!

Last week I was one of the panelist for 'gender equality in academia' hosted by my school -had a journalist, another professor and someone from corporate. It was an engaging discussion -but what I am most happy about is I am getting to know more and more people at school from different departments. have you thought about whether and if you perpetuate some of these biases subconsciously -by actively choosing certain tasks, by justifying behaviors otherwise objectionable, or have you spoken out or corrected any of your friends or colleagues? I often feel the onus lies on the recipient(s) and that isn't fair.

Moving on, last two workouts left to complete Fit30. Hopefully can get them done this week. I have chosen a mix of workouts 2nd time and so it feels like a new program to me!

Some Cookie musings: check the pic to see who is making most of the occasional sun we get here 🌞 I have several times told her very kindly that her mom needs to travel, I hope she gets atleast some of it..

that's about it from me & fur baby! over to you now. we remind you that all are welcome in these threads -to lurk or to comment.

Take care, and here's a hug! xx