Daily Check-in: Monday, June 6th

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, Blendfriendz!

How are you all doing today? How was your weekend?

I hope it was grand! And I hope you checked in with our lovely guest host, Ingeborg! It's always a fun time with Ingeborg--I learn so much about you guys! So Ingeborg: thank you for ghosting, and can't wait to hear from you again!

Well, Blendiez: here we are on the first official Monday of June 2022! What does it have in store for ya, friends? Is there anything you're lookin forward to?

I do have something I am looking forward too--but I can't share it just yet! A proverbial 'don't count your chickens' moment, as it were. So stay tuned, and I may have more on that tomorrow!

Anywho, as for today; it's a really nice rainy morning so far. A gentle rain, that was very much needed. We'll see if it pauses long enough to take the furry trainers for a walk this afternoon.

I also plan to tackle a workout this afternoon! I have a choice between a Tasha routine and a lower body routine with Kelli that I absolutely love! I don't know which one I'll end up choosing--but I really can't go wrong with either!

How about you, Blendiez? What are your workouts lookin like for today?

And what about some good food going on? Anything fun on the menu for today?

I have some pita breads that I need to use up--so perhaps we'll have pita pizzas! Sounds good to me!

Finally: last week was flower week; this week we'll have an 'interesting critter week' for our pics! We'll start off with this super amazing giant silk moth (Cecropia)! It's about 6-inches long--just absolutely massive for a moth! Really fuzzy too! I mean: look at her! I just think she's the coolest! (and also North America's largest native moth species too!)

Alrighty, I think my rambling quota has been sufficiently met for the day!

Thank you all so much for checking in with me, and I hope you have a great day, Blendiez!

Take care!




***Note: These Daily Check-in posts are open to anyone and everyone who wishes to participate! All are welcome here! These check-ins are a way to stay motivated, accountable, and be supported as we all try to be our healthiest selves. Feel free to pop in and say 'hi' anytime, and post as much or as little as you wish! No prerequisites here! Feel free to add photos if you want as well! Whether you need advice about working out/eating well/life in general, just want to comment, or maybe need support during a hardship--we're here for you! So: Welcome to the FB Family, and to the Daily Check-ins! We appreciate you being here!***