Perspiration Pals Monday June 6th 📚🤔

Welcome back to another week on the PPals thread. I hope this Monday finds you well rested from the weekend and ready to grab your week by the horns. And to you lucky ducks who may be enjoying a long weekend, well, you just go ahead and keep enjoying it!

No fitness meme for you today, although I think it can be argued that reading is good for your mental health, and I know we have a lot of readers out there in the PPals thread and the FB community at large. It's always difficult for me when I hit a reading slump. During the first year of the pandemic, it was really difficult for me to focus on reading, but I happily got my mojo back last year. Unfortunately the last two months have found me back in a reading slump. Mostly, this is not the fault of the books. I just seem to find it more difficult to concentrate at times. This weekend I finally managed to finish a book I started a a few weeks ago, but I'm still not quite out of slump mode. Do any of you have special tips and tricks for renewing your reading enthusiasm? And are you the type to push through a book you're not really enjoying until the bitter end or are you comfortable giving up on a book to save yourself from wasting time on something you aren't really enjoying? I used to always push through but I have definitely given up on a few books over the past couple of months.

Oh right, we're here to talk about workouts. Well, what's that looking like for you today? Are you resting or freestyling, or maybe the FB team has your plan all laid out for you in challenge or program form? I'm starting week 2 of Reboot, only I'm also freestyling. Today is a total body strength workout I've done previously and enjoyed, but I'm not feeling all the lunges that are in this one at the moment (lunges seem to be aggravating my right hip lately), so I'm subbing in I will do the upper body portion with dumbbells and the lower body portion with a resistance band.

Time for me to sign off and wish you a good week ahead.

One final note - I think we are still looking for someone to take over hosting duties for Sharon on Saturdays starting in July. Or if Fridays work better for you, CK said she would be willing to swap Fridays for Saturdays.

Below is your Monday dose of Molly.