HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group June 6th

Hello beautiful Blenders,

another start to a new week.

We have a holiday but I will work, because my oldest son will come home on Wednesday for a few weeks and my father in law will come on Thursday for a couple of days. So it will be busy.

The quote matches my current ambition not to stop dancing. I try for example not to step just up and down a kerbstone or stairs but to jump, hop or skip. The last time I jumped up and down a kerbstone my son asked "why I'm doing that" and I said "because the kerbstone is there"đŸ˜„

I also asked at different gymnastics clubs if they offer lessons for adults. I would love to learn something new. But I haven't heard anything back yet.

What are you planning today? What is on the workout agenda? I will do some HIIT and LB strength.

And remember everyone is welcome to join and dance with us. Just pop by and say hello.

Wishing all a beautiful Monday.