HKS (Healthy, Kind Support) Accountability Group June 5th 🌞

Hey all,

Welcome to the Sunday edition of HKS thread -I am hosting this after several months, and stepping in for our wonderful Storm. I would like to continue her Sunday tradition of self-care and mindfulness (or being present in the moment).

So, today's quote in a pic: mind full vs mindful 😊

I find being in the present moment hard but I am realising that that is how it is going to be because it usually takes conscious efforts, remembering to enjoy the present, being mindful of company around and persistent rewiring of mind. But I am willing to try (on the occasions that I remember to do so, haha 😏) How has your experience been?

Workouts: Last few workouts left to complete Fit30 2nd time around -is taking me way longer than anticipated.

For self-care: I am spending some time with someone who is going to look after my fur baby when I travel. My self-care in this is if Cookie and the lil girl are friends, I would be more at ease.🤞

That's about it from me & my fur baby. Would like to remind you all that everyone is always welcome in these threads, so please feel free to come say hello!