Perspiration Pals June 4th 🤧

Perspiration Pals June 4th

Hey Pals, welcome to today's thread! I didn't see any particular challenge knocked around for today (feel free to correct me if I'm missing something) so I'll just put this one out there. Today's challenge: survive the pollen! How's this season for you? No allergies? Severe allergies? Or like me, something in between? I'll be out in the garden (of course) and I'll certainly be taking allergy meds first. At least there are non-drowsy kinds on the market now, when I was a teen the world was a pretty dreamy place at times ­:) For some reason I didn't get allergies as a small child. Small mercies, I suppose.

I've rescheduled reboot week 2 to start this weekend, as my workdays have been pretty intense lately, so if all goes well I'll be doing a short extended Pilates/glute workout to get nice and warmed up, then over to total body strength. Gardening is certainly *enough* of a workout, but it's not all that balanced, so I need to get back to FB a bit :D Got anything fun on the old workout calendar? CK, remember, stretching counts!

And, while I'm randomly calling out forum members, I'd like to ask... is anyone up to taking over Saturdays, starting in July? I'll be doing an extra day over on HKS and I just want to manage my energies a bit. I wouldn't necessarily ask, but it seems to me I saw a volunteer recently, name starting with "Z"? So, Zzn, or anyone else wanting a fun Saturday, ahem, challenge, this is the spot to put your bid in! If you're new here, or not paying attention, but you think hosting P Pals would totally be your groove, here's the low-down. You post a meme, preferably regarding fitness or wellness, you check in, usually regarding workouts and delicious food, and you get the ball rolling so others can come in and chat. Honestly, you could probably just post "42." and everyone on here would go on chatting amongst ourselves.

Wishing everyone a fabulous day!