Daily Check-In: Saturday June 4th

Hello my beautiful ladies,

'Rambling Rose' is up again for some ghosting today, and believe it or not, this time I've had a real hard time finding a topic to talk about. Now, I know we don't really need a topic every time, but it's just nice to get to know each other a bit more that way. Sooo, question of the day: you get granted 3 wishes, but not just any wishes. Would be too simple no?

1. You can meet someone you've always wanted to meet. Who would it be?

2. You can visit the place/country you've always wanted to go to if you ever had the chance

3. You can do an interview with one of FB's trainers. Who would it be?

I know these are probably silly questions, but hey, be silly with me for once. Or not, that's ok too.

My answers:

1. Sloane Kennedy, my most favorite author

2. China, I want to see the Great Wall

3. Definitely Tasha, don't ask me why, but I'd love to interview her.

We could also stick to the regular questions and then I would have to ask you how your workouts are going? Are you doing any or are you having a rest day? Tell me.

I've done Day 27 and 28 of Benchmark today. Normally I always have the weekends free but since I did the program with the purpose of improving my reps and ROM, I had a rest day yesterday so that I could do the 'test' today. Which was the same workout you started with on the first day. And I can proudly say I made some very fine improvements. What I am most proud of is that I was able to do 12 full push ups with proper form. So I gave myself a big pat on the back as Tasha would say.

Right, let's switch to food. What's for dinner today? Are you cooking some nice? Going out? Visiting friends to have a bite? Let me know, I'm al ears.

Lastly, my picture of today is Teejtoos watching me getting all sweaty this morning.

Oke, that's enough rambling and boring you for today. Please feel free to skip the silly questions and I'll hopefully see you again tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone!!🥰