PPals Friday June 3 ⛈ 🌬

Hi Palz!

I hope June is treating you well. Plans? Any celebrations or little trips? Pictures welcome. I’m celebrating rain. A storm, mostly lightening and wind, blew through, but it deposited a little rain maybe a centimeter or two. Usually our “monsoon” doesn’t start until July. If you are tired of the rain where you live, the Western US is looking for some.

Fitness? How are your workouts going? The storm meant no swimming for me, but a little rebounding. Today is Day 2 UB of Fit 20.

Food? Inspired heathy desserts? Apparently, I didn’t eat enough dinner. Do you have “midnight snacks?” What do you eat? The FB meal plans have lots of snacks which is interesting to me.

If you have a long weekend, enjoy!!! If not, pretend with me. 😉