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Appreciation Post for FB meal plans

I just wanted to take a little time to express my thanks for the healthy recipes and meal plans that you've been giving us. I'm on day 4 of the latest plan, and so far have been sticking to it pretty well. I have Fitness Blender to thank for my new love of healthy, clean eating, and I've been using you guys' recipes for a couple years now. I read recently that a city about 30 minutes from where I live ranked dead last in America's unhealthiest cities, and the temptation to give in to the very delicious, but not so good for you local food is always present. I'm proud to say I've gotten to a point where I prefer home cooked to fast food, I'm learning what staple ingredients to keep in my pantry, and I'm slowly convincing my loved ones that healthy food can be delicious too! Keep the great meal ideas coming, and thank you again! 🥰