Perspiration Pals May 21st 🤸‍♀️🕯️

Hello Pals and welcome to yet another Saturday challenge! Some of our more ambitious Pals yesterday suggested that today we try fun and athletic moves like a somersault, a cartwheel🤸‍♀️, or a shoulder stand, sometimes known as "candle pose"🕯️ in yoga (salamba sarvangasana). Me, even as a child I could not do a cartwheel, and my recent back sprain is advising me against a somersault, so I am all about the modifications.. after all, this is Fitness Blender, and we modify when appropriate! So, if you want to modify, and you have a pool or lake _and requisite hot weather_ (I'm looking at you, Umamah!) I can highly recommend underwater somersaults. I just loved doing those as a kid in Florida. If you want to play with inversion poses🙃 but candle pose isn't doing it for you, your modification for today's challenge is "legs-up-the-wall" pose, or viparita karani. Edited because Deb mentioned what is probably the other common name of this pose, waterfall pose. Now, I looked this last one up, so you can find references and how-tos, and I am seeing people with bolsters, or raising just their pelvis up in some weird anti-gravity move, but I really mean just the basic, low-key lying on your back with your legs straight up the wall. This one is great if you've been standing (or gardening!) for a while, it really revitalizes the legs, stretches the hamstrings and so forth. So, there you have it, cartwheel, somersault, backward somersault, underwater somersault, shoulder stand and even legs up the wall -- all these will get a PPals Saturday Challenge Complete 🌟

So, other than today's challenge, I'll be doing a bit of gardening, Day 3 of FB Reboot, and maybe a little bit of grocery shopping. Got most of the laundry done yesterday, which is good because it's 78% humidity and climbing. What's on the schedule for you today? Workouts? Cartwheels? Pizza night? Exploring the wonders of nature? Rest & relaxation? Your curious buddies at P Pals want to know all about it. But of course, it's up to you. Read, post, take up a challenge, it's all good for P Pals!