PPals—Friday May 20

Hello Pals!

We’ve made it to Friday again!

Although nonsense is sometimes shared here, we are also interested in you as an individual. Fitness, food, and fun are only a part of this chat. Health, work, travel, and family are also welcome. Sometimes we are furious, gloomy, sad, and overwhelmed, as well as content, curious, and persistent. Wow, the Pals are persistent! Rewinding to Ivett’s post yesterday about biological negativity, notice that I have more dark descriptors than light descriptors. (One of my weaknesses) Please feel free to add a descriptor of your mood or state of mind.

My young adult children have been visiting, and I have been carrying some of their load emotionally. My middle son is going to his first duty station and flies out today. There have been job interviews and my youngest son in high school is a little bored by the young adult stuff, or he feels left out, probably both.

The photo is looking up into my overachieving pomegranate tree. I tried thinning some of the blossoms and became covered in light green pollen. Almost as good as 🌟 dust.

Food? After a Physical therapy appt. I’m hoping to get octopus tacos, seriously. Fitness? I want to recommend water play. It’s warm enough here for swimming, and I can’t believe how good I feel after it physically and mentally. I am swimming in knee length compression shorts and a workout T-shirt. My legs were not shaved. Thumb your nose at the cultural pressures. Other fun? Suggestions for a group activity? Pretend jump rope? Hopscotch?

Best wishes to all!