Perspiration Pals 19 May 2022

Hello Pals! First of all, sorry for not responding to all of you yesterday but I ran out of time, or rather, time ran out of me. I had a lot to do and since I have to work late today, I decided to get up at the crack of dawn (well, it was about 5.30) and do a 50-minute HIIT and core routine first thing. Yes. I worked out in the morning. I feel all right now that I’m clean, fed, and ready to leave for work but I will need an extra cup of coffee, though.

Since I’m a bit low on energy, I won’t pester you with my philosophically conditional or conditionally philosophical questions about life and the universe so instead of a question, I’ll just throw some nice, random facts at you to remember or forget immediately after reading them, depending on your mood.

The human brain has a negativity bias causing us to continually look for bad news. It's an evolutionary trait that stems from early humans as a survival mechanism. (source: 1,500 Fascinating Facts by Danielle Yarbrough) So don’t feel bad about not being chipper all the time. Or most of the time.

Bonus fact: In Australia, there are trees that grow several different types of fruits known as fruit salad trees. I don’t know about you but I would like to see some photographic evidence.

As for exercise, as I’ve already mentioned, I did Day 3 of FBFit30 and I feel good…. (earworm) Have a nice and easy day, Pals, I have to rush now. I promise I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.