NSV- taking it easy and being OK with that....

I seem to be having some success lately with NSV's related to 'being OK with where I am today'

This is new for me so I thought I would ramble a bit about it! which I hope is OK...

So today I had a really really challenging TB ST session planned. Normally right up my street. Yesterday I had a really bad day, real flare up of severe anxiety which lead to me cancelling basically my day. Today I woke up feeling as if all of my energy had been stolen.

The idea of doing pretty much anything just felt overwhelming both physically and mentally. It was clear there was no way I was attempting any ST.

My inner critic was also on fire and holding a megaphone 'if you don't do this what's the point' 'why can't you just do it' 'if you swap this out you are such a failure'

And such....

But, I actually managed to really check in with myself, did I need a total rest day? did I need to just step it down?? spent about 10 minutes searching for something and found this


I admit I had to drag myself into some kit but it worked a treat!

I also admit I did add some bands and deeper movements (I can't shut the critic up completely but this seems to quiet her down) and I do feel better. I think mainly because I actually don't feel guilty.

So that's my NSV and I am actually OK with that!!!