- Thank you note -

I really, really love what Fitness Blender has become through the years.

I've been working out with you guys for almost a decade (besides doing things on my own as well), your faces and voices have stayed with me as I moved from Italy to the US 6 years ago, and now back to Italy again this month, and as my body has been changing through my 30's and now 40's, with some unfortunate injury here and there, by lucky chance, your website has evolved and bloomed into this amazing tool that offers so much in terms of information, support, and especially since you welcomed the new trainers and added this wonderful variety of stretches and workouts that focus on different body parts or issues, or conditions, you have no idea how much it has helped me (and I'm sure, many, many others).

I had to put exercising on hold for a while for many reasons, although I did some bodyweight / low impact sessions here and there just to fight the physical pain that would inevitably arise, and now that I can finally start again, I come back to the website to find *exactly* what I needed in this very moment (the Reboot program!). I don't know, maybe it's my lucky star, or maybe our very separate lives somehow align perfectly in the Universe every time (lol), but bottom line: THANK YOU. This website is amazing, your dedication to offer more and more is outstanding, and I am very grateful - and happy to pay for the Plus membership because it's so damn worth it.