PPALS—Tuesday May 17 🦜🐐

Pals, maybe these aren’t the faces you want to see first thing in the morning, afternoon, or evening, and I can’t blame you. We visited an ostrich ranch and had the opportunity to feed an assortment of animals. The animals were overly conditioned to being fed, and you didn’t get to touch them really, not that I wanted to touch the ostriches. When I was taking the picture, one quick as lightening darted out and attacked my phone. They remind me of snakes with their elongated necks and their hissing. Now that I have offended all ostrich lovers, I need to apologize. In the photo you may notice the plastic rings around the top of their beak. This is so you won’t lose a finger in case anyone is foolish enough to put their fingers in the way. Large birds like these, emus, and rheas, help me see the dinosaur connection. The other photo in the comments is a Lorikeet. Some of you may remember that my daughter has had budgerigars (parakeets), so I enjoyed the aviary. I can imagine dinosaurs being colored like a lorikeet. Lynna might know if the bird is properly named. Maybe it’s another lesser parrot?

I was exhausted after my morning workout yesterday, so I didn’t get an evening swim in. I may try this morning. My young adult children being home may have something to do with my exhaustion!

I bought tofu for the first time and I’m going to either do a stirfry or the tofu tacos on FB recipes.

What are your plans?

What would a Tuesday wish be? Endurance? Energy? Talk to you soon.