Perspiration Pals May 14th 😎⛱️

Heya Pals, happy Saturday! I'm awake a little early (for my time zone), chilling in the cool air before the heat gets going today. It's the last day of our strange May heat wave (32C anyone?), gonna get a thunderstorm and then back to our regularly-scheduled temperatures. But right now it's cool and lovely and the birds are singing, so I decided to enjoy this interlude... and then go back to bed. Meme puppy has it right!

This week I've managed to really get back into some workouts without it waking up pain in my back and neck. Pilates & glute activation on Thursday, posture and toning yesterday. Logically today should be core... or was that "rest day"😅? We'll see. I'm thinking a "standing abs" type workout, or maybe I'll go with Daniel's tried and true "back rehab and core" workout. If we join our friends for a barbecue this afternoon, that would mean a bit of a walk, and walks count, too🚶...

We didn't really plan out a Saturday challenge today, so I'll just suggest this: find a nice way to rest and refresh yourself this weekend, and share it with the rest of us!