Daily Check-In: Saturday May 14th

Hey everyone!!

Yup, it's me again and I can already see the eye rolls from here with you ladies thinking 'what on earth is she going to come up with today?'

Well.... today I just wanted to share an event that started in my youth (the Middle Ages) and turned into a thing that returns every year and has been passed on to our children. What I'm talking about it something the Europeans among you should have at least heard of, Australians apparantly are so crazy about they even send a representative and Americans might know. It is..... 'drum rolls'.... the Eurovision Song Contest!!

For those of you who have never heard of it - shame on you - it is a musical contest where about 40 countries take part by sending their best singer/group/performer. They can sing in their native language or one of their choosing. Each country has a national jury that vote and then you have the public of each participating country that can vote by televoting or whatever social medium there is. The highest score is 12 points the lowest 1. And you can't vote for your own country. The one with the highest end score is the winner, duh!! If you'd like more info on rules, wikipedia is a big help!! Bear with me here, I coming to the point where I explain what this has got to do with my youth.

Well, my earliest memory of ESC is 1978, I remember watching it with my parents and how we made it into our own contest. We each made our top 3 and gave each country votes. I was lucky in finding my hubs who's as crazy about ESC as I am and we kept up the tradition of watching every year and as soon as the kids where old enough to participate in our fun, we made a list (you know how much I love lists) with each country to give our points. It's accompanied with drinks and food, you can't vote on an empty stomac after all and a lot of sheers and ooohs and aaahhs. And some going for a sanitary break when the song wasn't so entertaining (staying polite here😁)

So, this evening is the grand final and we're ready. I'm preping the food as soon as I finish this check-in, print out my list and we're ready to go. Unfortunatly, our daughters aren't here to join us but we'll be keeping each other posted via mobile.

So, at lot of rambling and probably useless explanation just to ask you if there is something you've started doing in your younger years and that you're still doing today.

Now, if you think, djeez Inge, I'm soooo not interested in your ramblings or question, just tell me to go take a hike and ignore me.

Talking about hikes, what are you guys up to workout wise? Are you doing a sweaty hiit, throwing your weights around or just taking a nice rest day? I'm having my usual weekend off, maybe we'll go for a walk with the doggies again, maybe not, we'll see.

And food, what's on the menu? With the weather being so warm lately I think it will be another salad today.

Well, that's all for me today. Sorry for the extra long post, I'll make it a lot shorter tomorrow, I promise! I want to keep doing check-ins! 😂Thanks for suffering through it!!

Have a great day!!🥰