Gardening boxes and…. compliments?! 🤣 Thanks FB!!

Today hubs and me took part in a community gardening project. Residents of a community to the east of us could apply for raised garden boxes in their own gardens. The volunteer group we joined built these mini gardens out of a wooden frame, to then be lined with plastic around and cardboard on the bottom, then filled with soil and finally a layer or layers of compost. The residents are encouraged to spend more time outside and to grow their own vegetables in these boxes. It is to help them improve their physical and mental health.

We shovelled soil into wheelbarrows, wheeled the barrows to the various gardens in various streets in the community, lifted, tipped and emptied the barrows onto and into the boxes. And this process went on for five and a bit hours…

We didn’t know this group of volunteers and they didn’t know us. But by the end of 6 hours we were all happily chatting together. And…. my FB strength and stamina certainly impressed them, judging by the comments I got!! I thought the best one came from a 36 year old guy from Iran, who spoke very, very little English, but managed to tell me “you are strong!”. I will spare you the other comments, but the comment: “you really like hard graft” was met by a wholeheartedly meant YES!

Mind you, I could have done without the cycling against a very strong wind at the end of the day!!

Photo collage it wouldn’t let me upload up here, so it is in the replies.