PPALS—Friday May 13

Hello Pals!

Today is Friday the 13th! I don’t do scary movies, sorry Lynna, Adrienne, but I have good days on Friday the 13th, not that I’m superstitious. Maybe just because it’s Friday.

Anyone going to watch the lunar eclipse this weekend? It is relatively early in the evening my time, so I might be up.

The picture is a night view of one of my favorite parks in Phoenix. Water in the desert is a sign of two things, wealth and careful planning.

Plans for today? Fitness? Food? Fun?

I did The 15 minute inner thigh workout yesterday. I recommend it. Today it will be walking. I bought a packet of chocolate covered cacao beans for the ride home. For fun, I have a surprise for Tuesday’s posting. Yep, stay tuned and have a great day!

PS Any brainstorming for a group activity tomorrow?