Day 2 of my "Physio + strength" routine

Hello yall!

As some of you read in yesterdays PPals post, Im back.

I created a routine with my PT exercises and mixed in a little bit of lower body strength (just bodyweight for now).

Today was day 2 - abs and lower body. I had a bit of sweating going on and towards the end my abs were burning nicely.

I also had 2 NSVs. First one was when I found I can wear certain shorts that were off limits a couple of weeks ago and now they fit, even though a bit tight, but wearable. The other one was during the cooldown, I reached towards my toes and touched the ground! Havent been able to do that several months and it gave me so much joy!

Also Im a bit sore from yesterdays UB workout which feels amazing. Im happy to be back and exercising!

Thats all from me now, Have a great day!