New FB Plus Video: Vinyasa Yoga: Midday Pause + Flow

Stretch, flow + find a little fire with me in this vinyasa yoga flow! Whether you’re just waking up, looking for some active recovery, or need a midday pick-me-up, this short practice offers an opportunity to integrate your breath with some stretchy + opening movements, along with a little internal heat-building work to reignite your energy. 

Vinyasa Yoga: Midday Pause + Flow

I used to believe that in order for my “workout” to “count,” it had to be 2 hours of non-stop strenuous activity every single day; that mindset didn’t sustain me for very long. I found myself constantly burning out, getting injured + being extremely self-critical on the days I just couldn’t fit the 2 hours in my schedule; these self-induced pressures made fitness and movement no longer fun. Then, when I discovered yoga, my perspective around fitness and myself slowly began to change. It became less about the amount of time I dedicated to a particular physical activity or how strenuous it was, and more about how the movements made my body feel; over time I learned to listen a little less to my ego, and I became more tuned in with what my body was asking for – and this is still my practice, because the ask is different every moment of every day. 

Don’t get me wrong; I am all about fiery movement, and if your body calls for it, honor that! However, I want to crush this stigma that physical fitness and well-being can only look one way. Just because you couldn’t make it to the gym or the studio today, doesn’t mean that you failed; any time (even if it’s 5 minutes) you make room in your schedule to move your body to honor your health + well-being is a success in my book. 

My daily checklist no longer includes “work-out for 2 hrs;” instead, I now lovingly check-in with myself: “Did you move today? How did you move? And how did you feel before you took movement, and how did you feel after?” No stories or judgments no matter what I answer to these questions, only observations and the loving reminder that I am always free to make a new choice. 

Be kind to yourselves and your bodies yogis <3