New FB Plus Workout: Feel Good 10-Minute Cardio Boost

Good Morning FB family!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m in need of a little feel-good cardio boost! Nothing too intense or long, but short and energizing. 

If you feel the same, today’s workout release is a keeper: Feel Good 10-Minute Cardio Boost

This routine is versatile and can be used in many ways. You could try it as:

  • A morning kickstart
  • A mid-day movement break
  • An extended warm-up
  • A recovery day activity
  • An add-on to virtually ANY workout (see write-up for recommendations!)

Perhaps my favorite two attributes of this routine are (1) that it’s completely low-impact and (2) it’s all standing. There’s no heavy taxing on the muscles/joints or tedious transitions to the floor. I encourage you to be mindful throughout this routine by tuning into your body and breath. Really notice how your body feels as you go through this. I think that’s a valuable element that’s easy to lose with more intense workouts.

On my low motivation days, I always promise myself to “start with 10 minutes.” It could be 10 minutes of stretching, walking, or whatever sounds good at the moment. After that, I allow myself to choose (guilt-free) to stop or continue. Having this little “rule” with myself helps me listen to what my mind/body needs with less pressure. This routine could fit perfectly into a low-motivation day for you, too!