Wish List Part for this Awesome Website :-)


Hi Kelli and Daniel,

I've just scheduled my next week (finally starting FB Strong on Tuesday, yay!) and I've had an idea I'd like to share. Just generally speaking, for if/when you make some changes on this site.

Let me start by saying that I cannot express how useful this website is to me and how much I enjoy working with it. I've been using the calendar function for years and I love how you have improved the design over time. Great job!

If I could make a wish, it would be something like a note pad / journal for the individual workouts (obviously only visible to those who are logged in into their account). Some means to keep a note for individual workouts that is not linked to the day in the calendar but to the workout itself, i.e., when you come across the same workout (by own choice or because it's scheduled by a programme), you could see a) when you did that same workout last and b) how much weight you were lifting.

Obviously I have no idea about the tech involved to make this work ;-) but one may wish, right?